The Person

About Me

I am a twenty-five year old writer, video editor, brand deal coordinator, and creator with crippling impostor syndrome and a collection of whacky, borderline-impossible tales of a time when my reality bent to the corrosive chaos of YouTube culture. I've managed to amass over four million views on my personal channels ( the self-titled "Jordanne Leigh" and satirical movie summaries of "What Literally Happened"), while other videos and channels I've worked on & contributed to reach far beyond.

With five years of experience writing for targeted audiences and creating content meant to appeal to all, I've decided it's time I create something for myself that others can choose to enjoy.

How to Contact Me

If you want to reach out for a collaboration, commission, or just to chat, feel free to shoot me an email at . I'd love to hear from you!

Business inquiries can also be made via my LinkedIn account (just hit that LinkedIn button over there).