About Me

Nothing comes between me and my favorite content. Even when I was a toddler, I would refuse naps if Big Comfy Couch occupied the same time slot. When school came around, I would wake up early to watch The Nanny, Full House, and Family Matters before the bus whisked me away. Midnight premieres were my first destination when I could slide behind the wheel of a car, and my family would spend summer nights at the drive in watching Marvel's superheroes save the world on stretch canvas.

As screens got smaller, I adapted. I fell in love with YouTube (and YouTubers), and learned how to join the fray. Self taught in Adobe Premiere, I'm a lightning fast editor. I'm also a skilled researcher and copywriter. I've learned how to do it all myself; from the initial concept to the distribution and brand deal coordination, I love nothing more than seeing a project through to the end to watch it take on a life of its own.

I am currently working as a creative producer and freelance writer in Nashville, Tennessee.

How to Contact Me

If you want to reach out, feel free to shoot me an email at joleighcontact@gmail.com . I'd love to hear from you!

Business inquiries can also be made via my LinkedIn account (just hit that LinkedIn button over there).